Porquê escolher Cambridge English?

Porquê escolher Cambridge English?

1. Cambridge exams are internationally recongised

Cambridge English qualifications are recognised by over 25,000 educational institutions, employers and governments around the world. As the exams test all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and over a range of levels, many Cambridge English qualifications are accepted for visa and study purposes in the UK, Australia, USA and Canada

2. Cambridge exams can improve your English skills

Cambridge English exams are designed to build life-long skills in English communication. All topics covered in the exams are related to everyday life, work, study and travel. As a result, learners who are prepared for the exams are also prepared for the everyday challenge within an English speaking environment.

3. Cambridge exams can increase your motivation

Research has shown that learners who see their accomplishments become more motivated in learning. The Cambridge English exams can help motivate learners in the sense that learners would aim to move to a higher level after receiving a certificate from the University of Cambridge.

4. Cambridge exams can help you stand out from the crowd

Success in a Cambridge English exam provides you with an internationally recognised certificate. As a result, a Cambridge English qualification on your CV not only shows your proficiency level but also your willingness to dedicate time and effort to improving your English and professional skills.

5. Cambridge exams are valid forever

All Cambridge English qualifications are valid for life. They don’t have an expiry date. In other words, if you pass the exam, you hold the qualification forever.